DigEqual: A Timeless Concept

Justice has always been a pompous concept, on the name of which, many deeds, dirty or otherwise, have been carried out. It is a word that certainly, always comes with the feeling of righteousness, solidarity and fellowship, and equality. A word that is usually met in epic, literature stories, lost in the ancient past, the heroes of which however, are yet sung today.

DigEqual has two main differences. First, it is not a book story. It is real, and even-though it does not look like a knight in a black, shiny armor, it certainly has the arsenal of one. The second difference, is that the dragons that DigEqual has been summoned to fight against, do not bleed of blood, but pixels, while it is taking a second thrust with its digital sword.


The 6 Horsemen

As part of the project, an educational course, for adult learners is developed, that focuses on introducing them into the different areas of e-government and digital services. Let us take a closer look on these sub-categories.


e-literacy: The concept of e-literacy describes the ability of citizens to make their way through digital paths. From using services and application, to booking appointments and avoiding possible risks related to online activity, e-literacy is basically the knowledge and trust to use online services. It also encloses e-government as a whole, as well as all the activities and processes that public authorities can undertake on a national, regional, and local level.


e-Health: Digital technologies are now an integral part of our everyday lives, and all its aspects, and of course, health would not be left untouched. The module related to e-Health, focuses on empowering adults in order to understand the subject, and introduce themselves to its practices. Via e-Health applications and processes, users can keep track of their activity, dietary habits, heart rhythm and general health, as well as book online appointments with doctors.


e-payment: The title straight out gives away the subject of the current module. e-Payment refers to the digital means of making and receiving payments, for goods or services. Credit card payments, mobile applications, online banks designed to shield online transactions; online payments are now a massive part of our life and how we go about our economics.


e-leisure: Life without big doses of good fun would be hell. Since we were little kids, we were always after a silly laugh, a game with friends, a good movie. Now, while things have not changed a lot, it is just the ways that have. A lot. Digital services have taken a share fair of our precious pie that is leisure time. Streaming services, video games, shows, and of course holidays and vacation, and how we can organize these completely online.


e-participation: The ability of participating in social – political subjects and expressing one’s point of view, ideas and proposals, is the very essence of society. With the digitalization of our ways, this process has also acquired a digital aspect. Citizens are able to discuss, vote, express their views, create pressure groups, and propagandize their ideas on the Internet.


e-education: Digital education is not something we witnessed during the last 2 or 3 years; but this is the period that e-education entered the scene all guns blazing. The tired traditional methods of teaching and learning, along with the imperative need for digital tools and modern methods that Covid brought, are leading educations towards new, impressive paths, where education becomes a polymorphous and exciting experience.



In 2023 we can safely state that we have a digital id, an online existence, just as impactful and with similar capabilities, as our physical one. It is in our hands, to use it in our advantage, educating at the same time ourselves on avoiding the presented risks.