About the project

The introduction of digital technologies into government and other services has significantly transformed the way adults in Europe interact online.

E-government is simply the government delivered via the Internet and other digital means. Dig-Equal is a European project which focuses on making the access to online services and e-government simpler for everyone. We want to support European citizens on understanding how to use e-government services best and reflect on everyday situations in which digital services can really make a difference.

Usage of online services and public utilities on the Internet is far from being a reality in Europe, above all among those adults and educators who are not digitally confident. We want to fill the gap between governments and citizens and develop innovative tools and methods to improve the interaction between them.

Dig-Equal project aims to create a bridge between adults who suffer from digital exclusion and e-government services, while at the same time working on adult educators’ skills and competencies.

Dig-Equal is a European project that wants to:

  1. Define the main skills and expectations on the main adoption factors for e-government interaction by adults to fully exert their rights as citizens.
  2. Develop innovative solutions for educational centers working with adults.
  3. Improvement of adult educators’ and low-qualified adults’ skills and competences by applying a training course on different aspects of e-government.
  4. Development of a ‘quest based interactive web-app’ which will follow a gamified approach, and will be used not only by educators as an educational tool, but as a self-learning tool as well, particularly useful for disempowered and cultural diverse groups.


The benefits of e-government services usage in adults’ lives are undeniable and plenty. At the same time, it is noticed that adult centers do not have specific strategies on tackling the effects of the 2nd and 3rd digital divide, thus not ready for the digital transformation that is taking over in the EU.


Dig-Equal aims on developing pedagogical tools and practices to be used by adult educational centers, as a way to create a bridge between digitally excluded adults and e-government services.

Who is DigEqual for?