Project results

Dig-Equal aims on developing pedagogical tools and practices that are deeply rooted on the everyday activities and difficulties faced by us, citizens. We want to reflect on how to make e-government and online services closer to adults, and at the same time develop simple and innovative materials for educators and organizations that support adults at different levels of digital education and social empowerment.

What we want to develop:

  • Sustainable Digital Adult Education Goals – e-government skills and methodology for context-based digital education of adult educators & adults.
  • E-government everyday: adults and adult educators in action!
  • A quest-based interactive web-app for adults to choose and understand everyday situations and compare how “life with and without e-government is” and gamify choices to be made every day.

e-government skills and methodology for context-based digital education of adult educators & adults

A guidance framework and methodology for adult educational centers, and their educators, to support their work with low-skilled and low qualified adults, by extending their digital classes on topics and problems related to the usage of online services and e-government by adults in Europe. Such a framework will be the training foundation of educational sessions to embed e-government in concrete everyday scenarios experienced by adults.

Digital Educational courses for adult users and adult educators.

1. A preparatory course on a context-based approach and e-government for adult educators, which aims at introducing them to a more proficient use of online services, anti-discriminatory practices, and training procedures.

2. A context-based course on e-government and digital skills targeting at low-skilled and low-qualified adults, which focuses on different contexts of e-government on adults’ lives, in order to raise awareness on their digital rights and how to exert them.

e-government services simulation interactive web-app.

With the support of involved adults, we design an interactive and immersive environment (a web-app) for users, which will allow them to navigate and experience everyday situations. In this way, they can reflect in practical terms on how life with and without e-government and online service access is and embrace the positive aspects of the respective services. We want to build trust and confidence and drop feelings of low-confidence and mistrust.