Advancing Digital Education through Successful Multiplier Event in Greece recently organized an impactful multiplier event in Patras, Greece as part of our work on the DigEqual project with the Multiplier event titled: “Digital Education for Adults and Adult Educators in e-government access through context based gamified scenarios | Active Citizens of the 21st century: The digital journey of the Digequal project”.

As a consortium member, proudly showcased the innovative digital education tools and methodologies we have developed. Through presentations, Q&As and hands-on demonstrations, we introduced attendees to how these resources leverage gamification and real-world contexts to build crucial digital skills, equipping citizens with 21st century capabilities, as a key for enabling inclusive and effective e-government services.

The enthusiastic response from participants confirmed the strong potential of Digequal’s approach to empowering adult learners and educators and was thrilled to have made progress in disseminating these impactful resources through this successful multiplier event. Moving forward, we remain committed to advancing digital education and e-government access for all citizens across Europe.