Educa en digital (Educate in digital)

Area of e-government: e-education

Due to the pandemic, the education sector has been one of the most affected. The fact that schools were closed, caused many students in a vulnerable situation could not continue with their learning due to the lack of resources to acquire devices or connectivity. Therefore is one of the areas that needs to invest more in digitization, in order to develop educational initiatives that can be adapted to the technological social context that we find.

 The Council of Ministers approved the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation to launch the Educa en Digital programme with the aim of supporting the digital transformation of education in Spain.

The programme is destined to equip educational centers with devices and connectivity. The schools will make it available to the most vulnerable students, through loans, devices that facilitate digital education both in person at school and from home.

This programme also promotes the development of platforms that serve teachers, students, and all educational authorities involved applying Artificial Intelligence. This will allow more effective monitoring of student progress and individual analysis.

The students were not the only ones affected during the pandemic. Teachers have had to adapt to the new social context that requires specific digital skills and tools. Therefore, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, through the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training, has granted resources to teachers, while also offering teacher-training courses to bring teachers’ skills into line with education in a digital environment.