Making Digital Services Accessible to All: Check Out the Digequal project Launch

We’re thrilled to announce the first newsletter for the DigEqual project!

Our European collaboration aims to simplify e-government and online services for adults and adult educators.

The inaugural newsletter provides an inside look at the progress made so far:

  • Research was conducted to understand real-world scenarios citizens face in accessing e-government services.
  • Adult educators were surveyed about how they currently approach teaching e-government topics.
  • An innovative framework was developed to summarize findings and guide the project’s mission to increase digital literacy.

Be sure to read our newsletter and learn more about this meaningful effort to make the digital world more accessible and help us spread the word about Digequal by sharing this newsletter with your network. Follow along for more updates as the project develops solutions to bridge the digital divide across Europe.

Let’s connect online services with all citizens!