Department of Electronic Communications (DEC)

The decision of the Council of Ministers on 18 February 2009, appointed the Department of Electronic Communications as the executive arm of the Minister of Communications and Works to supervise the implementation of the national information society strategy (entitled ‘Digital Strategy for Cyprus’). Government Website

Press Information Office (PIO)

The Press Information Office (PIO) is an executive member of the National Committee on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage, created in 2017 by a decision of the Council of Ministers. The main objective is to fully develop and exploit all available resources towards digitising Cyprus’ cultural heritage. Government Website

Department of Information Technology Services (DITS)

DITS is the responsible body for the promotion and implementation of e-government within the public sector. It implements its e-government Strategy as well as the programmes and the respective EU Action Plans. It develops electronic services, always taking the public’s needs, mentality and culture into consideration. In particular, the DITS is in charge of the […]

Strovolos Municipality

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services Main aim is to create growth conditions for the society, the Urban Environment, the Public Health and Culture, through continuous investment in human resources, the utilisation of the know-how, the technology, the citizen active participation and the strengthening of volunteerism. Government Website

Nicosia Municipality

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services Main aims: Serving the needs of citizens with high-quality services Continuous improvement of the quality of life of the citizens Social offer through care, support, employment services Protecting the environment with measures and plans that “hit” climate change and promote sustainable urban mobility Providing quality entertainment through the promotion of […]

GESY – General Healthcare System

Area of e-government: e-health Gesy is a modern, human-centred health system with the main goal to provide quality health care services to the beneficiaries. The main characteristics and basic principles of GESY are: the universal coverage of the population equal treatment of all beneficiaries the provision of a comprehensive package of health care services the […]

Ariadni Government Get Away Portal

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services The Government Gateway Portal (Ariadni) enables individuals and organisations to use electronic services (e-Services) that are made available by the Government of Cyprus over the internet. Government Website

Web Portal of the Republic of Cyprus

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services The Web Portal of the Republic of Cyprus provides information about the Government procedures and Transactions with Citizens/Businesses. Government Website

Right of Access to Public Sector Information Law 184(Ι)/2017

The Law was adopted and entered into force in 2020 to enhance transparency within the public sector. The law gave citizens the right to request and receive information, under certain conditions, from public authorities. Furthermore, the law obliged public authorities to publish certain information on their websites to avoid submitting a request form to access […]

Electronic Commerce Law 156(I)/2004

It ensures the free movement of information society services between the Republic of Cyprus and the member states of the European Union, relating to the establishment of service providers, commercial communications and the conclusion of electronic contracts. Services covered by the law include online information services, online advertising and online selling of products and services, […]