DigEqual: A Timeless Concept

Justice has always been a pompous concept, on the name of which, many deeds, dirty or otherwise, have been carried out. It is a word that certainly, always comes with the feeling of righteousness, solidarity and fellowship, and equality. A word that is usually met in epic, literature stories, lost in the ancient past, the […]

Digital Hydras

Lending A Hand Please try to remember how many times your folks, grandpas, or aunts, have asked you, for your help in order to do something online. See?! You can’t! It is impossible to remember how many times they have asked you how to transfer files, find where their photos are stored, or, and that […]

Equality in the Digital Dimensions – A World of 1’s and 0’s

Equality in the Digital Dimensions

A Brave New, Digital World Economic issues would be a concept unknown to all of us, if only we had a dime, every time our parents, grandpas and grandmas, aunts and uncles asked us to help them with doing “that damn thing on the internet”. Booking flying tickets, an appointment with the doctor, creating online […]

DigEqual – The Journey Begins

Sometimes it might feel overwhelming. Our entertainment, relationships, work, our every move almost, has taken a digital shape. It is almost as if a person cannot exist unless they have created a digital alter ego. Certainly though, it cannot be that bad. And it’s not. Because yes, sometimes it might feel too much, the fact […]

Would You Change The World?

It might have been a game, a quiz, a personal thought, or just a slow conversation between you and your best friend, out on the porch, during a summer Sunday afternoon. Whatever the occasion was, we have all been asked the same question, or just considered it within. If you could change one thing in […]