Advancing Digital Education through Successful Multiplier Event in Greece recently organized an impactful multiplier event in Patras, Greece as part of our work on the DigEqual project with the Multiplier event titled: “Digital Education for Adults and Adult Educators in e-government access through context based gamified scenarios | Active Citizens of the 21st century: The digital journey of the Digequal project”. As a […]

Ministry of Digital Government

As part of its campaign on promoting e-government services, the Ministry of Digital Government frequently organises educational programs on digital skills and competences, in cooperation with other organisations, public or private. The focus of the mentioned programs, is to empower citizens on the utilisation of such services, thus making the process towards Digital Government easier, […]

National Digital Academy

The National Digital Academy is an initiative from the Ministry of Digital Government, as a way to gather and develop educational material, that focuses on the empowerment of citizens’ digital skills and competences. Among others, users will find free-to-access courses, which will not only assist in the development of their digital skills, but also on […]

Digital Training –, the biggest -government platform in Greece, features applications on digital training and education programs, on a variety of subjects. Though the initiatives of the programs themselves do not belong to, the platform concentrates all the available programs and provides information and guidance to interested participants. The digital educational programs are launched by organizations […]


Area of e-government: e-education, e-government literacy/services A digital collection, enriching the library of the University of Patras, that gathers historical information in the form of photos, videos, newspapers, etc., all digitized. The collection is offered free of charge, for all citizens. Government Website

Patrasmart City

A digital platform that is on the works, “Patrasmart City”, focuses on transforming the city of Patras, Greece, by developing its digital dimension. The platform will function on 2 levels, with the 1st concerning citizens, and the 2nd being about public authorities. On one hand citizens will be able to get digitally informed, about the […]

Management of Authority and e-Government

The responsibilities of the “Management and Authority of e-Government” are to study, develop, install, and support, through a comprehensive strategy, the computer systems and communication networks, of the West Greece Region. It assures the technical and organisational efficiency and cooperation of the West Greece Region’s Computer Systems, with the networks of other services of the […]


Area of e-government:e-education ZEUS is a digital platform on on-line voting. It serves as a tool for any kind of electing or voting. From the preparation of the process, to its completion, everything is carried-through digitally. Government Website

Portal of Digital Services “”

Area of e-government: e-education, e-billing/e-payment, e-leisure, e-health, e-participation, e-services/e-government literacy constitutes the main portal of digital services of the Public Administration in Greece, through which users are able to access, and interact with, the digital public services they are interested in. Among the thousands of available services, several e-government areas are available for users, […]


Area of e-government: e-leisure ErtFlix is the online streaming platform of the Greek national television channels. It features movies, series, and documentaries that are not available on the channels program. Free usage applies to all users. Government Website