#SportinMontagna and the Sporty App

Area of e-government: e-leisure The Lombardy Region has created two digital tools for the valorisation and promotion of mountain sport: the #SportinMontagna website and the Sporty App. Browsing the portal www.sportinmontagna.regione. lombardia.it you will be able to: discover all the infrastructures and services for sports tourism in both summer and winter find out about the ski […]

Open Innovation Lombardia

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services Open Innovation Lombardia is a collaborative platform and website with the aim of proposing a new policy model for regional innovation. Open Innovation is addressed to all actors of innovation processes in enterprises, universities and research centres, public administrations, civil society and all citizens who want to play an active […]


Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services “Procedimenti” is the new integrated information system of the Lombardy Region for the telematic management of administrative, authorisation and licensing procedures in various sectors. The system allows citizens and businesses to manage online procedures more easily and quickly, even from mobile devices. The new platform makes it possible to manage […]

Digitale Comune

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services Digitale Comune is the Emilia-Romagna Region project dedicated to the digital transformation of the online services of the municipalities of the entire regional territory. The objective is to accompany Administrations in the innovation process and support citizens with dedicated information and training, so that digital is really a common good […]

Dove Fare Sport

Area of e-government: e-leisure Where to Do Sport is a platform developed by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and available for the regions of Calabria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Molise, Tuscany and the Municipality of Rome that allows you to find sports centres nearby. Government Website

Salute Lazio

Area of e-government: e-health The website Salute Lazio offers several digival services. First of all, it generates the Electronic Health Record (Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico – FSE) which collects the medical history of an individual by making available the information and documents produced by the National Health System from doctors and health professionals, including from different […]


Area of e-government: e-leisure LAZIO YOUth CARD is the Lazio Region’s App that offers the 900,000 young people between the ages of 14 and 30 in Lazio discounts and major reductions on goods and services such as cinemas, museums and bookshops, as well as free access to many special initiatives and many opportunities. Moreover, thanks to […]


Area of e-government: e-education, e-government literacy/services A digital collection, enriching the library of the University of Patras, that gathers historical information in the form of photos, videos, newspapers, etc., all digitized. The collection is offered free of charge, for all citizens. Government Website

Patrasmart City

A digital platform that is on the works, “Patrasmart City”, focuses on transforming the city of Patras, Greece, by developing its digital dimension. The platform will function on 2 levels, with the 1st concerning citizens, and the 2nd being about public authorities. On one hand citizens will be able to get digitally informed, about the […]

Management of Authority and e-Government

The responsibilities of the “Management and Authority of e-Government” are to study, develop, install, and support, through a comprehensive strategy, the computer systems and communication networks, of the West Greece Region. It assures the technical and organisational efficiency and cooperation of the West Greece Region’s Computer Systems, with the networks of other services of the […]