DECO PROTESTE, created in 1991, is the largest consumer protection organisation in Portugal. We are the only ones testing products, comparing quality and delivering the best results. Our action is based on vast technical, scientific and political work, allowing us to present and deliver real solutions to real problems. We intervene independently with public and […]

Competenze Digitali per la PA

The initiative intends to offer tailored training in the form of online learning in fundamental digital skills to public officials (non-IT professionals) starting with an organised and uniform survey of training requirements in order to boost engagement and motivation, performance, distribution, and quality of straightforward and quick online services for residents and enterprises. Government Website

Formez PA

Formez PA – Centre for Services, Assistance, Studies and Training for the Modernisation of Public Administration is an association recognised and financed by the Italian government. The promotion of innovation and digitalisation is among the areas of intervention of the projects managed by Formez PA. Government Website

Educazione digitale

Educazione Digitale is a training platform, exclusively dedicated to teachers, school managers and educators working in the school environment, which aims to provide free multimedia materials and resources for schools. The Platform is a place for training, guidance, mentoring, comparison, support and extension of one’s skills, in the perspective of a school based on learning […]

Pane e Internet

Pane e Internet is a project supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region as part of the Regional Digital Agenda to promote the development of digital skills and full access to the information society. The “digital citizen” is the central idea of the new regional planning, which refers to any citizen, regardless of age, who uses technology […]

Ministry of Digital Government

As part of its campaign on promoting e-government services, the Ministry of Digital Government frequently organises educational programs on digital skills and competences, in cooperation with other organisations, public or private. The focus of the mentioned programs, is to empower citizens on the utilisation of such services, thus making the process towards Digital Government easier, […]

National Digital Academy

The National Digital Academy is an initiative from the Ministry of Digital Government, as a way to gather and develop educational material, that focuses on the empowerment of citizens’ digital skills and competences. Among others, users will find free-to-access courses, which will not only assist in the development of their digital skills, but also on […]

Digital Training –, the biggest -government platform in Greece, features applications on digital training and education programs, on a variety of subjects. Though the initiatives of the programs themselves do not belong to, the platform concentrates all the available programs and provides information and guidance to interested participants. The digital educational programs are launched by organizations […]

Asociación Española de Fundaciones (Spanish Association of Foundations)

The Spanish Association of Foundations has carried out a collaborative project to reduce the digital divide among the most disadvantaged students. The goal is that students who do not have resources to study online can do so if it is necessary to interrupt face-to-face classes due to the coronavirus. This chain of solidarity in the […]

Asociación «Somos Digital» (We are Digital Association)

Digital Association is an entity created in 2008. Being aware that not everyone has the capacity and the possibility to adapt to rapid technological changes, they provide the most vulnerable citizens with access to information and communication technologies performing this activity not for profit but as a service to the community. Government Website