Asociación Española de Fundaciones (Spanish Association of Foundations)

The Spanish Association of Foundations has carried out a collaborative project to reduce the digital divide among the most disadvantaged students. The goal is that students who do not have resources to study online can do so if it is necessary to interrupt face-to-face classes due to the coronavirus. This chain of solidarity in the […]

Asociación «Somos Digital» (We are Digital Association)

Digital Association is an entity created in 2008. Being aware that not everyone has the capacity and the possibility to adapt to rapid technological changes, they provide the most vulnerable citizens with access to information and communication technologies performing this activity not for profit but as a service to the community. Government Website

“Cruz roja”

“Cruz roja” is a humanitarian institution, of a voluntary nature and of public interest, which carries out its activity under the protection of the Government of Spain. They fight the digital divide with programmes relating to the acquisition of digital skills, aimed especially for older people as well as for children. The strategy has begun […]

Espai d’Aprenentatge Digital (Digital Learning Space)

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services The Digital Learning Space is a tool provided by the City of Reus to its citizens, which is aimed at deepening the knowledge of citizens about the use of e-government. It offers guides and educational material for administrative procedures. Some of its uses are: IdCat Mòbil: It is a free […]

Reus participa (Reus participates)

Area of e-government: e-participation By subscribing to the Digital Platform of Participation of the city of Reus, you can inform yourself of active participatory processes, make proposals, share ideas in debates or comment, give support, vote proposals, … generating a community of people interested in improving and monitoring the quality of processes and the city. […]

CatSalut “La Meva Salut” – Generalitat de Catalunya

Area of e-government: e-health In the region of Catalonia, from the Health Department of the Generalitat, it has been developed a mobile application called La Meva Salut “My health”. It consists in obtaining the individual health card of each citizen who has the free health card. You can find information about your clinical history, which […]

“Gaudeix de Barcelona” (Enjoy Bcn)

Area of e-government: e-leisure In the “Office of Attention to the City”, within the Virtual Office of Procedures, the city of Barcelona offers a collection of the most outstanding leisure activities of the city, as well as free passes or discounts in the main museums, parks and theatres. To access these benefits, it is necessary […]

Electronic headquarters for payments and receipts

Area of e-government: e-bill/e-payment Depending on whether you are a citizen or a company, the city of Reus has created a personalised access to process invoices and receipts. Some of its services are: payment of taxes (taxes, fees, fines), fractionation of debts, payment of late fees. Government Website

“Miniops” – (IOC) Open Institute of Catalonia

Area of e-government: e-education IOC (Open Institute of Catalonia), which is the distance institute of the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia, has promoted the “Miniops” project. It aims to provide lifelong learning to the adult population. Miniops are courses open to anyone who wants to use them as an element of their […]

Transparency Portal

Area of e-government: e-participation The General Administration of the State has a Transparency Portal where citizens have open public participation for regulatory projects, both for prior public consultation, and for the hearing and public information in the process of developing standards. There are two forms of participation: Prior public consultation. The aim is to obtain […]