E-government and online services closer to all
European citizens!

The introduction of digital technologies into
government and other services has significantly
transformed the way adults in Europe interact online.

A digital divide that not everyone sees

Currently, almost everyone has a mobile phone with an Internet connection in Europe and is on social media. However, only a small percentage of European adults uses the Internet to pay bills, access digital services of the public administration, book appointments, or vote.

This phenomenon is called second and third digital divide, and it describes the lack of access to online services by users, who effectively do not enjoy the benefits that follow.

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E-government and
adult educators in Europe

E-government and
citizens in Europe

Why e-government, why now in Europe

e-government can simplify our life, and many things are still changing to make life of European citizens functional and everyday endeavours trouble-free. Instead of having long queues, waiting for packs, or physically going somewhere to sign a document, people who can use online services effectively, enjoy more benefits in real life, than those who do not.
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Explore our platform to discover the advantages of e-government!

Explore our platform to discover the advantages of e-government !