DECO PROTESTE, created in 1991, is the largest consumer protection organisation in Portugal. We are the only ones testing products, comparing quality and delivering the best results. Our action is based on vast technical, scientific and political work, allowing us to present and deliver real solutions to real problems. We intervene independently with public and […]


Area of e-government: e-leisure This initiative was also created within the operationalisation of the project Culture for All, the project winner at national level of the first Edition of the Portugal Participatory Budget. It was launched on 13 December 2018, in the National Library of Portugal, with its main objective the donation of books to […]

És Cultura 18

Area of e-government:e-leisure This portal was created within the operationalisation of the project Culture for All, which won, at the national level, the first Edition of the Portugal Participatory Budget. The project promoted free access to cultural events to young people aged 18, and was launched on 16 April 2018, at the National Museum of […]

Access Unit Portal

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services, e-education, e-participation The overall purpose of the Access Unit Portal run by the Administrative Modernisation Agency is to promote the development, availability and dissemination of ICT accessibility rules and regulation to enable citizens with special needs to overcome their difficulties. To do so, it aims to minimise the digital barriers […]

Simplified Business Information (IES)

Area of e-government: e-bill/e-payment, e-government literacy/services IES is the delivery of declarative obligations related to accounting, taxation and statistics via electronic means and in a completely dematerialised form. All information which businesses have to provide concerning their annual accounts is transmitted collectively and to a single entity. The IES submission has to be made through […]

The Entrepreneur’s Desk

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services The Entrepreneur’s Desk, which is within the ePortugal Portal, is the Point of Single Contact to access digital services related to the exercise of economic activity. Services provided include the complete setting up of a business through the web site (‘Online Business’), as well as the Business Electronic Dossier, where […]

Captaincy Online portal

Area of e-government: e-leisure, e-government literacy/services In September 2018, the Captaincy Online web-portal and its corresponding mobile app were launched. This platform, which resulted from a SIMPLEX+ project, offers information and online services to seafarers, ship-owners, companies and other users on maritime-related licences, registrations, applications and statements requests, professional diving, maritime courses and other National […]


Area of e-government: e-education, e-leisure, e-participation, e-government literacy/services CINERGIA, Information Centre for Energy, is an online platform launched in December 2018 by the Portuguese Agency for Energy (ADENE) to disseminate an integrated vision of the energy sector from production to transport, storage and consumption, contributing to a better energy literacy by the civil society. The […]

Platform Denunciar

Area of e-government: e-government literacy/services, e-participation Launched in 2018, Platform Denunciar was designed as an electronic desk for complaints. It is hosted by the General Inspectorate for the Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning. Government Website

Portal REA

Area of e-government: e-education, e-leisure, e-participation, e-government literacy/services Launched in December 2016, the State of the Environment portal (portal REA) contains online information about environmental indicators. Developed and managed by the Portuguese Environment Agency, this platform includes information and analysis for a wide range of end-users and is expected to serve as a reference for […]